This cosmetic line is designed to fight discoloration and skin imperfections of various origins as well as scars and stretch marks. Thanks to the content of acids perfectly matched to safe care. Cosmetics of this line will help in the fight against acne, skin blemishes, blackheads, but also hormonal or sun discolorations which are very difficult to remove. Using a specially developed skin needling technique, you can effectively make the scars, burn scars, acne scars and stretch marks more elastic and flexible. It is also a very good form of the fight against rosacea acne and Demodex.

A complete kit for self-microneedle mesotherapy treatment at home. Micro-needling is a procedure involving the stimulation of natural skin renewal processes. It is an effective way to stimulate the skin to produce collagen fibers and elastin. Skin needling treatment is responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. Thanks to the controlled perforation of the epidermis, the treatment will increase the absorption of active substances from cosmetics, providing a better therapeutic effect. The treatment with Acne & Spots cosmetics will allow you to effectively fight scars, discolorations, and enlarged pores.
The set comes in two options: small and large.
The small set includes:
– treatment ampoule with a capacity of 2ml
– single-use roller with 0.25mm needles
– 10ml toner
– cream soft with a capacity of 5g
– cream strong with a capacity of 5g

The large set includes:
– 4 treatment ampoules with a capacity of 2ml each
– 4 single-use rollers with 0.25mm needles
– 2 toners with a capacity of 10ml
– 2 creams soft with a capacity of 5g
– 2 creams strong with a capacity of 5g
The kit also includes a full manual and treatment procedure. The length of the needles guarantee a very safe and controlled way to perform the procedure at home.
This set is an perfect form of maintaining the effects of professional procedures as well as a sensational idea for a gift for a loved person.