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Kinga Kowalczyk

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I am a certified cosmetologist associated with the beauty industry in Poland for over 10 years. I have been the Softap company trainer since 2016. Since then I have introduced Softap technology and products to Poland and several other European countries.

I am also the founder of the PMU Professional brand, which I successfully promote in Europe and all around the world.

I am recognizable for creating very natural pigmentation effects such as powder, ombre eyebrows, and non-outline lips. I am also a specialist in removing and lightening unsuccessful pigmentation. I am involved in social support for cancer survivors.


PMU Professional Remover

Torne a oferta dos seus serviços ainda mais atrativa e comece a remover pigmentações com segurança e sem risco de cicatrizes, de qualquer região do rosto – até mesmo das pálpebras.