This cosmetic line is designed to fight discoloration and skin imperfections of various origins as well as scars and stretch marks. Thanks to the content of acids perfectly matched to safe care. Cosmetics of this line will help in the fight against acne, skin blemishes, blackheads, but also hormonal or sun discolorations which are very difficult to remove. Using a specially developed skin needling technique, you can effectively make the scars, burn scars, acne scars and stretch marks more elastic and flexible. It is also a very good form of the fight against rosacea acne and Demodex.

The perfect home care cream, brightening, antiseptic and anti-acne, effectively regulates sebum production. Recommended for daily use in the autumn and winter. Ideally suited as a home care supporting professional exfoliation treatments.
The product contains a mixture of four acids:
· Azelaic acid – inhibits the production of free oxygen radicals, which cause inflammation and reduces erythema in rosacea acne;
· Kojic acid – brightens discoloration
· Shikimic acid is antibacterial – it inhibits the growth of bacteria responsible for inflammation and unblocks sebaceous glands;
· Lactic acid, which affects the hydration and hydration of the skin and restores the skin’s natural reaction
vitamin B3 – helps fight acne, pimples, redness, roughness and inflammation.
azeloglycine – brightens discoloration (with melasma, chasm and other pigment spots and post-inflammatory discolorations), has anti-acne properties, improves skin elasticity and hydration, which gives the skin softness, has anti-blackhead, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects
sweet almond oil, which soothes and accelerates the process of cell renewal
small- molecular hyaluronic acid, which is responsible for the skin’s ability to bind water, and thus its firmness, elasticity

The cream comes in two versions that differ in concentration of azelaic acid. It is SOFT (8%) and STRONG (16%). It has 50 ml airles type packaging.