A series of products to be used both during cosmetic procedures in professional treatments and at home. An effective formula to combat aging skin, quickly eliminating wrinkles and perfectly moisturizing, creating an illuminating effect of the skin. The specially developed formula allows one to achieve spectacular results after the first treatment. Skin + cosmetics are dedicated to the care of flabby skin, lacking firmness and moisture, as well as to prevent the first effects of aging. All products within this series are vegan.

AMPOULES a box of 5 pcs – 2ml each
Rich-component Ampoules are intended for professional treatments, effectively supporting the fight against wrinkles protecting and moisturizing the skin. This cosmetic is ideal when working with dermapen (Derma Needling) and ultrasounds, as well as for massaging into the skin after treatments such as microdermabrasion, oxybrase, etc.
In the composition you will find:
Ultra-small molecule hyaluronic acid – thanks to micronization it easily penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, effectively moisturizing it
plant active stem cells that protect human skin stem cells.
oligopeptide 24, which is responsible for hydration, elasticity, and freshness of the skin, and delay aging.

In combination with serum and cream from the PMU PROFESSIONAL SKIN + care line, it allows you to achieve amazing results after only one treatment. The ampoules are also available as a kit with a roller for home care treatment.