REVOO TATTOO REMOVER is a cosmetics line developed especially for tattoo fans. It includes: Remover, cleaning foam without detergents and a home care cream.
REVOO REMOVER is dedicated to tattoo artists and trainers of this art of body decoration. This innovative gel is designed to remove ink from the skin without burning the tissue. Its unique composition allows
extracting any color without the use of a laser. Specially developed composition and application techniques
allow you to get the maximum satisfaction without leaving scars. It is used both for
immediate correction of mistakes and brightening of old tattoos. It is a safe
way to get rid of pigment from every area of ​​the body, even on the day of the procedure.
This product, when properly used, does not pose a risk of scarring. It does not contain acids, neither is
alkaline – so it does not burn tissues. It is safe for use in very sensitive areas.
Perfectly removes shades that traditional lasers cannot cope with.
REVOO REMOVER is a gel in a 30 ml glass container with a pipette guaranteeing sterile use.


This product is for professional use only – the manual of the application is included in the form of a video when purchasing the product.



  • do not use it on the facial area
  • do not overwork the skin
  • for healing use our RECOVERY CREAM
  • during the treatment use only recommended types of needles (magnum 17 needles and more)

capacity: 30ml.
expiration date – 3 years from opening
pH = 7.0 (neutral)

Pmu Professional Remover is a fully TESTED product, that has a security report, CPNP registration and MSDS.

Tests performed as part of the safety report:
– Determination of microbiological purity according to the PN EN ISO 17516: 2014 standard
– Physicochemical examination (appearance, color, smell, pH, stability)
– Load test PN EN ISO according to the standard 11930: 2012
– Dermatological examination
– Accelerated aging test
– mass compatibility with the packaging
– Application and performance assessment



  1. For the treatment, use only magnum cartridges with a large number of needles (17+) or large RS needles (for small areas, letters, and lines)
  2. Use fast 90-degree shading movements.
  3. To strengthen the effect you can work with the product using ‘under the skin’ movements (30/45 degrees), use cartridges with fewer needles than required, or additionally apply a mask of the product on the scratched skin for a few minutes. However, do not use this technique during the first treatment.
  4.  The skin should bleed a lot during the treatment. This means that the skin is pushing the pigment outside. Wipe frequently and watch if the skin is not overworked.
  5.  The skin will bleed until it is cleared of the remover. Finally, the product does not stay in the skin.
  6.  The treatment area may be sensitive and tender for 24/48 hours (depending on the intensity of the treatment).
  7.  The treatment can be repeated after it has fully healed (the skin is no longer red, it is not flaky), but not earlier than after 6 weeks. The more intensive the treatment, the longer the break should be.
  8.  Limit the treatment area to 10cm x 10cm
Customer home care:
Day 1-3:
Clean with water and dry with a clean paper towel every hour. Keep the treatment area absolutely clean. Do not use any cream, do not smear it. Dry a thin scab. This is a very important step in safe healing.
Day 4 and longer
apply a thin layer of Recovery cream 3 / 4x a day until fully healed
Do not scratch the scabs!
If superinfection occurs:
    1. Wash with soap and water every 2 hours, and dry with a clean paper towel
    2. Use the octanisept several times a day
    3. Once you dry the scab, start using Tribiotic or our Recovery Cream 3 times a day until it is fully healed. Do not scratch off the scabs. The treatment area must be absolutely clean.
Contraindications to the procedure:
    1. Pregnancy, lactation
    2. History of oncology
    3. Psoriasis
    4. Atopic skin
    5. Unregulated diabetes
    6. Inflammation, purulent, bacterial, and viral conditions
    7. Keep a minimum interval of 6 weeks if a laser or other Remover has been performed before
    8. Do not use on the face
Inci: Sodium Chloride, Polyglyceryl-4-Caprate, Glycerin, Aqua, Xantan Gum, Aloe Vera, ,Bisabolol, Hammamelis Virginiana, Centella asiatica extract, Echinacea Purpurea Root Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Parfum.