This is a line of cosmetics designed for the care of freshly made tattoos. Small volumes of cosmetics are an ideal handy kit that you can take anywhere with you.

Product made to be used after tattooing, strongly soothing, regenerating, and cleansing. Does not cause irritation, does not disturb the hydrophilic-lipid balance. Also suitable for people with sensitive skin. It inhibits inflammatory processes, accelerates the healing process, relieves itching and burning. It does not contain detergents. The soap has a grape smell. The composition includes:
linden flower hydrolate – regenerates and moisturizes the skin, relieves itching and burning, refreshes and tones
D-panthenol – nourishes the skin, accelerates cell division of skin cells, soothes irritated and red skin
Aloe vera – has a disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, and astringent effect. It smoothes and firms the skin, regenerates it, maintains humidity, has anti-inflammatory, soothing properties, and also sunscreen filtering properties.
Urea – moisturizes, facilitates water binding by keratin and softens the epidermis, supports its regeneration
The product is vegan, it is packed into 30ml bottles with a foam pump. Shake before use.