This is a group of cosmetics dedicated to nutrition, strengthening, and care of hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. The products were formulated to stop hair loss, nourish them, fight dandruff, and relieve scalp itching. The two-component eyebrow and eyelash serum nourish and visibly thickens them. Cosmetics of this line are based on oils and herbal extracts. They do not contain bimatoprost or prostaglandin, the product is completely natural and safe to use.

Lash & Hair serum is a modern way of eye care. The strength of natural ingredients will make your eyelashes longer and thicker and your eyebrows thicker and stronger. Daily care consists of two cosmetics:
Step 1 is a mixture of herbs, silicon, and peptides – it should be applied to cleansed and dried eyebrow and eyelash lines
Step 2 is high-component oils – they should be used after the herb mixture has completely absorbed. Using a silicone mascara brush, rub the product into the eyebrows (combing them) and then it is recommended to spread the product over the entire length of the eyelashes.
Lash & Hair serum is also characterized by specially designed handy packaging with double-sided applicators that facilitate the use of the product. The total volume of the product is as much as 18 ml.
It is recommended to apply daily in the evening, after thorough eye makeup removal.