A 100% organic healing cream, that works as an antiseptic to moisturize, soothe and relieve in caring for the problem sores. The perfect care product for:
– After the procedure of removing permanent make-up
-For homecare customers after the permanent make-up treatment

PMU Professional Recovery

– Supports the healing process after pigmentation
– Relieves inflammatory lesions from eczema and psoriasis
– Targeted care for atopic dermatitis
– Perfect weapon when fighting herpes
– Highly-effective care after acid exfoliation, dermapen, etc.
– Effective care for dry and chapped lips

In its composition can be found:
shea butter, which promotes faster wound healing,
sweet almond oil, which relieves inflammation,
– strongly regenerating hemp oil,
– antibacterial manuka honey.
It is a product suitable for atopic skin and also works well against herpes. PMU Professional Recovery is the only recommended home care after the treatment with PMU Professional Remover. The product is packaged in specially designed 2ml containers to ensure hygienic and clean application of the product.
The PMU Recovery package contains 20 pieces of cream with 2ml each.