A series of products to be used both during cosmetic procedures in professional treatments and at home. An effective formula to combat aging skin, quickly eliminating wrinkles and perfectly moisturizing, creating an illuminating effect of the skin. The specially developed formula allows one to achieve spectacular results after the first treatment. Skin + cosmetics are dedicated to the care of flabby skin, lacking firmness and moisture, as well as to prevent the first effects of aging. All products within this series are vegan.

This vegan product does not contain petroleum derivatives and coloring. The cream is intended for use during professional procedures and for daily home care as well. Perfectly absorbed, does not leave a greasy film, can be used under makeup. In the composition, you can find ingredients that match the freshness and elasticity of the skin and delay the aging process as well as substances that help maintain a natural degree of hydration and stimulate the skin’s auto-regeneration processes.
Baobab fruit pulp extract – is an ingredient which brings an immediate anti-wrinkle and brightening effect, its effectiveness has been confirmed in clinical trials
ultra-small molecular hyaluronic acid – is responsible for the skin’s ability to bind water, and thus its firmness and elasticity
vegan stem cells – effectively fight skin aging processes, have an anti-wrinkle effect at the cellular level, even in hard-to-remove local wrinkles, e.g. around the eyes
oligopeptide 24 increases cellular renewal
opuntia ficus-indica extract – the use of this substance helps maintain a natural degree of hydration and stimulates the skin’s self-regeneration processes
The cream is odorless. It is recommended to use in conjunction with the serum, twice a day on cleansed and dried skin.