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Pmu Professional Remover is a real MUST HAVE in every professional permanent make-up salon. Make the offer of your services even more attractive and start safely remove pigmentation, without the risk of scars, from any area of the face – even the eyelids. Get know Pmu Remover Silver and Gold solutions.

These gels are a real firecracker among removers:

  • Effective
  • Minimum recovery time 4/6 weeks
  • Effectively removes any color
  • Gentle to the skin does not burn the tissue

Book a place today:

  • training for beginners
  • workshops for people trained in other removal solutions
  • Review for Pmu Professional students

I guarantee:

  • a huge amount of knowledge,
  • extensive theory about removing by various techniques
  • description of the differences among removal products and laser

This intensive training is ended with a multiple-choice test and a certificate that confirms gained skills.

STARTER KIT: 5ml PMU REMOVER CARBONADO + Recovery Cream (20 x 2ml)