This cosmetic line is designed to fight discoloration and skin imperfections of various origins as well as scars and stretch marks. Thanks to the content of acids perfectly matched to safe care. Cosmetics of this line will help in the fight against acne, skin blemishes, blackheads, but also hormonal or sun discolorations which are very difficult to remove. Using a specially developed skin needling technique, you can effectively make the scars, burn scars, acne scars and stretch marks more elastic and flexible. It is also a very good form of the fight against rosacea acne and Demodex.

A Toner is dedicated to the care of skin problems with numerous pimples, discolorations affected by rosacea acne and Demodex. Recommended for use in the beauty salon and at home care as well. It consists of:
kojic acid, which is considered one of the most effective substances with depigmentation properties. Extremely effectively brightens existing discolorations and prevents new ones.
vitamin B3, which penetrates into the deeper layers of the epidermis, regulating sebum production and helping to fight skin problems
disodium succinate, which binds water, gives a revitalizing effect, brightens
Tea tree oil with antiseptic and anti-irritant properties. Exhibits bacteriostatic and fungistatic effect. exhibits bacteriostatic and fungistatic activity.
The other ingredients give a brightening and regenerating effect. The toner is packed into bottles of 50ml capacity.