The scent of the summer! Our new product line will revive memories of childhood ignited by the fragrance, restoring a more youthful time, carefree and frolicking. Close your eyes, breathe in, and let yourself be transported back in time!
All-year-round …
PMU Professional Summer was created as care of the body and face during the summer months, and beyond. A slightly-sweet aromatic based fragrance that will make you want to never let go of summer.
It is also great for relieving inflammation of psoriasis and eczema. Each cosmetic in this line works deeply moisturizing and regenerating.

This product refreshes and maintains an adequate level of hydration, also on hot days due to the content of panthenol and manuka honey. Toner restores the skin’s natural slightly acidic pH, making skin more elastic and ready to apply a moisturizing or oiling agent. It has a thermo-packaging, which allows the product to kept low temperature on hot days – thanks to the packaging used, the application of the cosmetic on hot days is very pleasant.